Separating ultra fine fractions with Eccentric Eddy Current separator "104"

Our newest Eccentric Eddy Current “104”, is specially designed and engineered for separating fines out of, for example, bottom ashes, electronic waste of small metal fractions. The high speed magnetic rotor inside this machine has the highest number of poles available in the market, 104 (!) and operating at a speed of 3.600rpm the 104 rotor generates an astonishing field frequency of 1.56kHz

Working principle of Eddy Current Separating Systems

The working principle of an eddy current separating system is based on the difference in electric conductivity of nonferrous metals. A conveyor belt leads the product flow towards a magnetic rotor rotating at high speed. This magnetic rotor produces a rapidly alternating magnetic field, causing any nonferrous metals to be ejected from the product flow. Bakker Magnetics rotors utilize radius-shaped magnets to eliminate the excessive air gap, which results in the maximum amount of magnetic force transferred into the nonferrous metals.

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