Deposit Return Systems (DRS) stand as a beacon of sustainability in global efforts to combat environmental degradation. Designed to encourage the return of used beverage containers for recycling, DRS not only promote resource conservation but also represent secular values such as responsibility and care for the environment.

At the heart of DRS’ efficiency lies the integration of advanced technologies such as Eddy Current and Overband Separation Systems, which increase recycling rates and minimize environmental impact.

Eddy Current and Overband Separation Systems are advanced tools used in recycling plants to sort ferrous and non-ferrous metals from waste streams. By using eddy currents, these systems quickly separate valuable materials such as aluminum from the mix, making recycling more accurate and faster.

Improve recycling efficiency

These separation systems, integrated into DRS plants, significantly improve recycling efficiency. Using these systems, recyclers can efficiently recover aluminum packaging from mixed waste streams, which is in line with DRS’ mission to promote sustainability.

The environmental benefits are enormous. Aluminum, a key target of these systems, has exceptional recycling properties and requires less energy compared to zero production. This translates into fewer emissions and conservation of natural resources, reinforcing DRS’ circular economy model.

Encouraging sustainability

The combination of Overband and Eddy Current separation systems with DRS underscores the secular values of responsibility, efficiency and commitment. By using advanced technologies, DRS demonstrates its commitment to evidence-based environmental management, transcending ideological divisions to encourage concerted action on sustainability.

Contribute to a greener environment

Moreover, the efficiency of magnetic separation systems ensures equal access to recycling opportunities for all, regardless of background or beliefs. These systems serve as indispensable supporters within DRS, strengthening the impact on environmental conservation and secular ethics.

Within the Bakker Magnetics organization, our engineers are continually seeking improvements to extract the highest values from waste streams. Indeed, separating ever finer and cleaner fractions contribute to a greener environment and higher-value yields.

As society faces environmental challenges, the integration of technologies like the Bakker Magnetics separation systems underscores a commitment to evidence-based solutions, leading us toward a sustainable future based on secular values.

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