Easy to handle lifting capacity with BAXX Lifting Magnets

Permanent lifting magnets operate without additional energy being supplied and are therefore very energy friendly. In addition, power failures do not influence their operation so they can be used safely anywhere. For loads with a greater weight, multiple lifting magnets can be used. For spherical and round materials, there are BAXX Lifting Magnets available with prism-shaped pole surfaces. The operation is extremely simple: place the lifting magnet on the material to be lifted and turn the handle. BM permanent BAXX Lifting Magnets are almost maintenance free.

Our flexible magnetic products and sheets are versatile and easy to use. Whether it is in consumer products, professional advertising signage or other in-store communication, there’s no solution our division Flexible Magnetic Materials can’t handle. Our specialists take care of special dimensions, printing and packaging.


We develop, test and produce magnetic solutions and products. With more than 45 years of knowledge, experience and our flexible approach we ensure a solid answer to any magnetic need. Whether that need is in automotive, oil & gas, recycling, renewable energy, retail or food & aquarium supplies.

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