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Magnetic Technology & Assemblies

A complete and full range of state-of-the-art magnetic materials and solutions is what our division Magnetic Technology & Assemblies offers.
Not just finished end products but also semi-finished products and solutions ar our corebusiness. We combine years of knowledge with long-term experience to handle these complex and powerful magnetic materials and meet any of our customers’ needs.

We develop, test and produce magnetic solutions and products. With more than 45 years of knowledge, experience and our flexible approach we ensure a solid answer to any magnetic need. Whether that need is in automotive, oil & gas, recycling, renewable energy, retail or food & aquarium supplies.

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Drive & Motion

Introduction of a new magnetic concept for SCR-AdBlue filling devices

The new Euro-6 diesel vehicles all require the usage of AdBlue to reduce NOx pollution.…
Drive & Motion

Magnetic technology & assemblies

In our well-equipped assembly area we are able to produce a large variety of magnetic…
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