Other Magnetic Solutions

Endless Magnetic Solutions!

Magnetism triggers the creative mind and the possibilities with magnets seem to be endless. The advantages of permanent magnets lead to large and growing variety of magnetic solutions in daily life. We are the perfect partner to support any magnetic challenge.

Our other magnetic solutions

Hallbach array

Large Hallbach array assembly. Hallbach constructions make it possible to create high magnetic fields with a limited amount of back iron. In this example the repelling force between the individual magnets is extremely high so that the magnets are screwed onto the base plate to keep them in place.

Hysteresis coupling

An assembly of a magnetic hysteresis coupling with the combination of different types of magnetic materials. The use of hysteresis clutches or brakes is particularly appropriate when constant moment needs to be delivered through a wide range of revolutions.

Block magnet assembly

This magnet pole is assembled from smaller individual magnets. By gluing smaller magnets together, we can reduce the eddy current losses. The reduction of EC in a motor reduces the generation of heat and hence increases the efficiency of the motor.

Floating bed

The floating bed was designed by architect Janjaap Ruijsenaars. It consists of an upper plate which floats magnetically on the base plate mounted into the floor. In close cooperation with Janjaap Ruijsenaars, we designed and constructed the magnetic solution for this innovative idea. More information can be found on www.floatingbed.nl.

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