Renewable Energy

Magnets play an increasingly important role in the renewable energy market. Magnetics find their way in solutions for wind, tidal and wave energy. By using magnets and magnetic solution you can reduce or even eliminate the gearbox in wind turbines. This will reduce the maintenance costs over the lifetime of the machines. With many years of experience serving various international customers in this branch, we know how to select the right materials, corrosion protection and assembly solutions for the magnets.

Our solutions in Renewable Energy

Rotor assembly for small size wind turbine

In this example we produce a rotor assembly for a 2.5 KW wind generator. In this solution we are gluing the magnets on the inside. For small (household) turbine solutions we often see the use of direct drive PM generators. With a low starting torque they offer output, especially at variable wind speed.

Rotor assembly for tidal application

For tidal generators, the use of permanent magnets offer the advantage that they will always supply energy, even at variable and low speed. The direct drive solutions eliminate the gearbox which saves costs and maintenance. In this rotor assembly the generator is equipped with large SmCo magnets.

Magnet module for 3.5 mega watt wind turbine

The magnets in this solution are entirely shielded by stainless steel and epoxy. This makes sure the magnets are thoroughly shielded from the aggressive offshore conditions. This to prevent the Nd magnets from starting to corrode. In this solution Bakker Magnetics produces the complete modules which are shipped to the on site location where they are carefully assembled onto the generator.

Large magnetic assembly for a direct drive wind turbine

We developed this large magnetic assembly for a double-sided actual flux wind turbine. The repelling force between the individual magnets is extremely high so that the magnets are screwed onto the base plate to keep them in place.

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