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Permanent magnets are increasingsly intrinsic to innovative technology. Fully aware of this is Bakker Magnetics in Science Park Eindhoven, a hi-tech company boasting 50 years’ experience, which has seen rapid growth in recent years and is increasingly receiving more complex and international orders. Bakker is renowned not just for its high-quality magnets and engineering, but also its enthusiastic, hands-on attitude, meaning Bakker Magnetics can optimise and manufacture more and more customers’ concepts in the field of magnetics.

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Smart magnetic engineering
Bakker Magnetics provides magnet solutions to a wide range of international clients. Bakker has a particular focus on smart magnetic engineering: developing and producing mostly complex magnet assemblies.

Developing the absolute best assembly is crucial, as it ensures the end product performs optimally. The best possible adhesion is also ensured, resulting in the safest application requiring the least maintenance. This likewise prevents demagnetisation by taking potential threats such as high temperatures, magnetic counter fields and corrosion. In addition to standard geometries such as block, disc and ring magnets, our Magnet Technology and Assemblies division also offers an extensive range of state-of-the-art magnetic materials and solutions. Not only end products, but also semi-finished products. The strength lies in the sectors marine, e-mobility, automation and product processing, in which we develop the most innovative products on the basis of a clear, honest and decisive way of working.

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