High intensity drum magnet for stainless steel particles

High intensity drum magnet for stainless steel particles

This powerful neodymium drum magnet takes deformed stainless steel out of the product stream, although stainless steel is not magnetic. By deformation the molecular structure of the stainless steel changes, causing the damaged particles to become slightly magnetic. Because of this, the powerful neodymium magnet is able to separate those particles.


  • BM 50 magnets
  • Unique configuration
  • Grabs deformed stainless steel
  • Grabs wooden parts with a metal piece caught in it
  • Diameter 400mm (extra residence time on magnet)
  • Robustly executed for use in heavy industries
  • SKF bearings
  • SEW drive
  • Deliverable on frame
  • With limited width, the idler is completely welded closed
  • Drum is going to be calibrated on your product stream
  • Adjustable magnetic part
  • Optional manganese steel shell (instead of stainless steel) reduces the impact and wear of the drum.

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