Measuring magnets

Permanent magnets can be found in a great variety of industries; recycling, wood, chemical and food. They are a stable “green” and reliable way to separate metals out of product streams.
These magnets don’t use any electrical power, which is good for the environment and normally they don’t decrease in effectiveness in time. Bakker Magnetics even provides a life time guarantee on applied ceramic magnets (providing they are used and treated in the right way).

Nevertheless it is good to measure the quality of your magnets to guarantee their separation capability. Measuring your magnets on a regular basis, can help you making certain decisions. Such as whether or not to replace them. Measuring can for example be done annually, like in the food industry.

Measuring magnets is a very precise job with the potential for the untrained or inexperienced to make errors, which might lead to wrong conclusions. Our service engineers know exactly how it should be done and are trained to do this job. By making an appointment (by phone +31 (0)40 2678 840 or mail: we can advise you about the possibilities.

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