NEW Magnetic liquid filter system

NEW Magnetic liquid filter system

During many industrial processes liquids can get contaminated with (very small) iron particles. To get these out of your fluids we re-engineered our magnetic liquid filter system.
Between the in and outlet flanges is a housing filed with magnetic filter bars. These bars form a maze to make sure the iron particles pass multiple filter bars. Equipped with very powerful magnets these bars then separate the iron contamination from the fluids. The magnetic bars can be cleaned by pulling them out of the housing and out of their extractor tubes.

This new magnetic liquid filter system can be executed as a single or double walled version. The double walled version can be connected to a hot water circuit to keep the liquids inside the housing fluid and at the right temperature (for example hot chocolate).
We can deliver this system in several dimensions for different capacities.

Are you curious about this new liquid filter? Download the datasheets or contact our specialist.

FM Filter Magnet (pdf)
FM-E Filter Magnet (pdf)

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