Metal separation

Metal is one of the most commonly used raw materials in any industry. In finished products however, these materials are not always wanted. The food industry is just one example where metals need to be separated from other materials by recycling methods.

Magnetic separation

We specialize in the development, testing and production of magnetic solutions based upon permanent magnetism. These magnetic separation systems can be tailor made to fit any situation. We provide effective solutions for waste separation as well as for the bottom ash- and electronic waste separation, food, chemical, metal and other industries.

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Our solutions

Gaining ferrous out of (waste) streams – overbelt magnets

Separating ferrous magnetic metals out of waste streams is a job for our overbelt magnets. They are used in recycling plants to regain or separate these metals.

Non-Ferrous separation – Eddy Current separator

Our Eddy Current separators effectively separate non-ferrous from other materials in the recycling- and metal industry, waste processing and bottom ashes.

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