Bakker Magnetics has broadened its range of products for Mag-Match walls. A new suite of magnetic items affords customers even more versatility when using Mag-Match.

Magnetic shelves and cube models are among the products now available, and we also design and manufacture customer-specific products. There are a lot of possibilities. We also have numerous office products in our range that are easy to use on a Mag-Match wall. This includes items commonly used in an office and retail environment, such as magnetic erasers and pen holders.

The durable and cost-effective Mag-Match is highly versatile. It allows the user to combine visuals with 3D objects, making it the perfect system to introduce products ‘live’. The system consists of a set of profiles and panels that make it possible to divide and extend walls as desired. The Mag-Match can be used to present, communicate and visualize. It is the ideal solution for scrum meetings in the office or in-store promotions.

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