As shown in a study of analogue writing surfaces in both education and business, analogue writing surfaces remain indispensable in today’s digital society because of the special role they play. The innovative Mag-Match from Bakker Magnetics meets all user expectations when it comes to this type of surface.

Versatile and flexible

Our new system is versatile and flexible. The magnetic Mag-Match can be used as a writing surface and the system is also expandable, lending itself to combining visuals with 3D objects thanks to the use of magnetic film – ideal for meetings and scrum sessions.
This puts the Mag-Match in line with three important conclusions drawn from the research: writing is a social activity, the size and design of an analogue writing surface matters, and analogue writing surfaces are still used intensively.

The social aspect of writing is expressed in brainstorming sessions on boards or via other ‘agile’ (flexible) working methods. They evoke interaction. In this sense, participants socialise using writing surfaces.
In companies in particular, writing and visualising thoughts is seen as fundamental; it is an important tool when it comes to developing ideas and strategies together. Whiteboards, for example, are particularly good at supporting creative processes.

In this respect, the width of the writing surface is more important than the height. The explanation given for this is that users do not want restrictions and interruptions when writing. Mag-Match meets this need.

Notes and drawings must also remain visible. This is much easier to accomplish with a larger surface area as opposed to a smaller whiteboard. This way it is possible to see at a glance what has been discussed and developed in a meeting or a lesson. The advantage of our system is that you can easily click notes and 3D objects onto it.
The usability of the Mag-Match is also evident from the respondents’ answers. They expressly preferred analogue writing surfaces. In fact, when it came to handwriting activities, both segments – education and business – indicated that analogue writing surfaces are ‘more authentic’ and ‘more flexible’ and that they create more ‘presence’ in a group situation.
The study also showed that analogue and interactive writing surfaces will continue to coexist for a long time to come. This means that future offices will have more writing surfaces: large and small, analogue and digital.

In short: ‘analogue writing is here to stay’. With Mag-Match, the desired flexibility and functionality are always within reach.

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