Bakker Magnetics expands in German-speaking market

with German sales director Sascha Kensik

Dutch magnetic foil supplier Bakker Magnetics is expanding its business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Germany’s Sascha Kensik is Bakker’s new sales director for the German-speaking market. The expansion allows Bakker Magnetics to offer customers in the DACH countries a larger range of magnetic foils at competitive prices.

FMP Team Hans and Sascha

To make the expansion possible, Bakker Magnetics is working with network partners in the German-speaking countries. Customers can purchase the magnetic foils from these professional wholesalers. What is new is that very large or special custom orders can be ordered directly from Bakker Magnetics in the Netherlands. Bakker Netherlands then also takes care of transport to the customer.

“With my years of experience in the DACH countries, I know exactly what is important to my customers”

Complete assortment

Bakker Magnetics has been active in the German-speaking market for years, but with a modest assortment. The expansion and cooperation with network partners ensures that the complete range is now available to DACH customers. ‘This means, for example, that our magnetic foils are now for sale in all common thicknesses and widths,’ says Baker’s new sales director Sascha Kensik. ‘In addition, we stock almost all products in the Netherlands and our network partners have stock locations throughout the German-speaking region. So we are always close to the customer, which means that in many cases we can deliver the next day.’

FMP Sales: Sascha and Hans

The same language

Sascha Kensik has years of experience in magnet technology and in the market for printable promotional and advertising materials. He therefore knows exactly what customers in the DACH countries want and literally speaks their language: ‘Customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland mainly want to be relieved. This means first and foremost that they want absolute certainty about the quality of the product.

"Together with our network partners, we offer our complete product range from warehouses that are close to the customer"

I can guarantee that consistent top quality without question. Bakker Magnetics is one of Europe’s leading companies in magnet technology, with its own engineering department. In addition, we have a joint venture with one of China’s largest magnet factories, giving us complete control over product quality. Because of our extensive magnet knowledge, we are also happy to develop new products and applications with magnetic foils together with our customers.’

Top quality for a good price

According to Kensik, unburdening DACH customers also means that they want to be sure they get the best service for the best price: ‘This is one of the main reasons for our expansion. As mentioned, together with our network partners, we offer our complete product range from warehouses that are close to the customer.

"Do you want top quality at a good price?
Get surprised and call me"

We have set up this supply chain ultra-efficiently, including the logistics chain from China. This enables us to still offer our top quality products at competitive prices in the DACH countries, often even with next day delivery. So my message to buyers of magnetic foils in the German-speaking market is clear: Do you want top quality at a good price? Then ask for magnetic foils from Bakker Magnetics.’

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