Updated test facility high frequency BM104X

The BM104X eccentric Eddy Current is equipped with the best magnetic rotor in the market today. The high speed 104 poles magnetic rotor of this machine generates an astonishing field frequency of 1,56kHz, which makes it extremely suitable for separating very fine non-ferrous particles. It’s for example used in bottom ashes and electronics recycling where we achieved some excellent results.

Recently we updated our test facility for this eccentric Eddy Current machine. An additional very strong overbelt magnet and a bunker gives us the possibility to do a complete ferrous and non-ferrous separation of your materials even in greater volumes. This enables us to do more realistic testing to convince our customers how good this machine actually is. If you wish to receive additional information about this machine or if you would like to see what it can do with your materials, you can contact us at mst@bakkermagnetics.com or +31402678840.

Datasheet BM104X Eccentric Eddy Current (pdf)
Leaflet BM104X Eccentric Eddy Current (pdf)

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