Bakker Magnetics: half a century and still going strong

It all begins on 1 May 1971, in Eindhoven, when Gerard and Bea Bakker start their own company. They call it Bakker Magnetics. The attraction of Bakker Magnetics will never fade, even from a distance. Now residing in Miami, owner Geert-Jan Bakker is still involved in the company that his parents founded in Eindhoven. On the 1st of May, Bakker Magnetics will celebrate its 50th anniversary. “My father and mother started with nothing, now we have a cutting-edge company.”

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Managing Director Pim Honig: “We want to grow across the board.”

From his office at the Science Park in Son, Honig surveys the company site, a source of knowledge and technological progress. He is busy taking Bakker Magnetics into the next phase “while preserving the heritage of the company”, he emphasizes. One question is central to this: “What do we need to do to maintain our leading position on the playing field?”

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