High Intensity Separator Systems

Bakker Magnetics introduces new ways to separate stainless steel such as the High Intensity Separator. These solutions are all equipped with our extremely strong Neodymium magnets. Due to our extensive magnetic knowledge these magnets ensure the best results for separating stainless steel and fine ferrous fractions.

High Intensity Separator Systems can be fitted with a Ø300mm or Ø400mm High Intensity drum and include an SEW engine, vibrating feeder, material splitter and the framework on which everything is mounted. Easily installed into the production line or used as a stand-alone system. 

These systems are equipped with extremely powerful magnetic drums which makes them a perfect solution for separating very small iron particles as well as stainless steel. 

Drum separator system

The drum magnet, also called separation drum, consists of a drum rotating around a static magnet. To ensure an optimal separation result, our separator system is equipped with an advanced vibrating feeder. The drum, splitter plate and controls are mounted to a sturdy frame which ensures plug and play installation.

Stainless steel 1.4301, with idlers
Surface treatment:
Drum and feeder trough untreated
Framework painted blue RAL5015
Magnetic part:
Magnetic area 180 degrees
Permanent neodymium magnets quality BM50
Manually adjustable 

On request: 

  • Manganese steel shell to protect the drum from impact and abrasive materials. 
  • Manganese wear plate in the vibrating trough to protect the feeder from impact and abrasive materials. 

The magnetic part of the drum is adjustable for optimal adjustment to your situation. 

Belt separating system

The belt separating system consists of an extremely powerful magnetic head pulley mounted in a conveyor belt featuring a slow moving ultra-thin PU belt. The slow moving belt allows particles so settle down before reaching the magnetic head pulley. This pulley has a special magnetic configuration which allows it to separate stainless steel with particle sizes off approximately 0 – 45mm. For optimal results the material should be supplied to the system as a monolayer.

  • Width up to 1500mm.
  • Available in diameters of Ø300mm and Ø400mm.
  • Includes a splitter and controls.

Drum in housing

Furthermore, a drum in housing version is offered. This version is specially designed for dust prone materials and keeps dust in your production facility to a minimum.
Executed as standard with the 300mm diameter drum and SEW engine this equipment is easy to install in new or existing situations. The drum is fitted with a stainless steel sleeve or optional manganese shell in case of processing abrasive materials.

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