Recycling glass

Special machines for recycling tempered glass and bottle glass.

You are an expert in recycling glass. Then you also need machines that are specially made for this. We have made our machines and applications for glass repair resistant to the abrasiveness of glass with hardoplastic topcoats and wear-resistant manganese components. This guarantees a long service life. For recycling tempered glass, we have a powerful drum magnet that easily separates even reinforced glass particles. For separating bottle glass, we have an Eddy Current separator that also blasts away the encapsulated wafer-thin particles of aluminum wine collars without a problem.

Sustainability comes first

Why is the recycling of glass important?

Glass is made from a mixture of sand, sodium carbonate – also known as soda ash – and lime. During the production of new glass, temperatures between 1,500 and 1,600°C are required to mix the three components. So by using recycled glass, we not only save natural resources. The glass factory requires up to 25% less energy, and more than half as much soda is needed to lower the melting point. We therefore emit less CO2 and contribute to the fight against global warming.

Glass is infinitely recyclable and mainly comes back as new glass packaging. New glass packaging already consists of 50 to 80 percent old packaging glass. So basically, we all already use circular products made of glass in our daily lives. Both at home and at work.

To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Eddy Current separator

Overbelt magnets

Drum magnets

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