Recycling Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Machines that can withstand anything

As a processor of recycling municipal solid waste, you know that you have to be prepared for anything. That’s why you take the safe option and use machines that can withstand anything. The important thing about magnetic separation is that you deploy the magnets at strategic points in your recycling line. In this way you also achieve the highest degree of separation of encapsulated metals and run the least risk of damaging other machines in your recycling plant. We will be happy to help you make this step-by-step plan and install the right machines in the right place for recycling municipal solid waste. We are also happy to advise you on well-known headache files such as videotapes and, perhaps soon, lithium batteries.

50 years of experience

Sustainability comes first

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To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Eddy Current separator

Overbelt magnets

Drum magnets

Block magnets

Head pulley magnets

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