Recycling Paper

The best choices for an efficient plant

Recycling paper and cardboard is your core business. Unfortunately, the many staples, staples and metal parts of binders come with it. Fortunately, we can get your paper flow clean flawlessly with our machines and applications. For this purpose, we have machines in various designs such as a neodymium top band magnet, block magnets, Eddy Current separators, drum and header magnets. There is also a choice of manual or automatic cleaning of the magnets. Do you want the most efficient configuration of magnetic separators for your paper recycling plant? We will give you a profitable advice.

50 years of experience

Sustainability comes first

We love magnetics and we love to innovate in recycling paper. But to be of substantial and sustainable added value to our customers we need more. That’s why we are flexible, fast, smart and always focused on quality and on our customers’ needs.

To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Eddy Current separator

Overbelt magnets

Drum magnets

Block magnets

Head pulley magnets

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