Recycling PET

Metal fraction of 20 ppm or even smaller

The metal removal of PET must be done carefully. If even one can sneaks through, it immediately means a high ppm on the fines. This in turn leads to major problems when the PET flakes are processed into new products for the food industry. So you want to be sure that your PET fraction is as clean as possible. With a combination of different machines and magnetic applications, we can reduce the metal fraction in your PET product stream to 20 ppm or even less, if we cascade machines. Please provide us with your wishes and specifications when recycling PET. Then we will be happy to give you a substantiated advice.

50 years of experience

The key to the cleanest PET fractions

PET products are made from one of the few polymers that can be recycled again and again in the same form. This neatly closes the recycling loop and makes “cradle to cradle” packaging solutions possible. This does require a PET fraction that is as clean as possible. Bakker Magnetics has the right machine technology for recycling PET to make it metal-free.

To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Eddy Current separator

Overbelt magnets

Drum magnets

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