Recycling Waste to Energy

A lot of experience in ATEX overbelt magnets

Biomass power plants prefer to use secondary fuels such as wood pellets that do not contain metals, so that their burner beds are not contaminated. It is therefore very important for you as a wood processor that your end product is virtually metal-free. Especially for the dusty and fire-hazardous woodchip and pellet industry, we have a top band magnet with very strong neodymium magnets that is fully ATEX certified. The magnet is completely enclosed and all critical components are brought outside the zone. Bakker Magnetics has extensive experience in recycling waste to Energy with ATEX certification and can recommend the best configuration for you.

ATEX certified

Safety comes first

Working in an explosive environment requires guidelines and measures. Because magnet systems are often located in areas where a dust explosion can take place, the magnet system itself must not be a source of ignition.

Not only equipment and products must comply. Employees must also know how to work safely in hazardous areas. We have a lot of experience in recycling waste to energy, let’s share the knowledge.

To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Eddy Current (Atex)

Overbelt magnets (Atex)

Drum magnets (Atex)

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