Food and pharmaceutical granulates

Optimal metal separation for food granulates

For the separation of metals from food and pharmaceutical granulates such as spices, pepper, rice and animal feed, Bakker Magnetics offers you the choice of various systems that can be deployed at different points in your production process. Our magnetic solutions are configured and fine-tuned especially for your purposes. For product flows for human consumption, the finishing of our applications is tailored to EHEDG and HACCP guidelines, including watertight welded joints, electrolytically polished surfaces and the absence of blind spots. Every year, we deliver the reports of our applications for your audits. The separation systems are available in a self-cleaning or manual cleaning version. Curious about our magnetic solutions for food and pharmaceutical granulates? Contact our specialist.

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To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Chute magnets sanitary

Plate magnets sanitary

Filter magnets

Filterbar magnets

Grid magnets

Magbox housing

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