Food and pharmaceutical powders

Tuned to EHEDG and HACCP

Your pharmaceutical and nutritional powders should not contain even the smallest fraction of metal. This is why you have to comply with strict rules. Bakker Magnetics has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing metal separation systems for the pharmaceutical and food industries. We use only the best materials and magnets. The finishing of our systems for pharmaceutical and nutritional powders is in line with EHEDG and HACCP guidelines, including watertight welded joints, electrolytically polished surfaces and the absence of blind spots. Almost every application is available in a self-cleaning or manual cleaning version. For your peace of mind, we provide annual reports of our applications for your audits.

50 years of experience

Sustainability comes first

We love magnetics and we love to innovate. But to be of substantial and sustainable added value to our customers we need more. That’s why we are flexible, fast, smart and always focused on quality and on our customers’ needs.

To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Chute magnets sanitary

Plate magnets sanitary

Filter magnets

Filterbar magnets

Grid magnets

Magbox housing

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