Industrial granulates

Calibrated solution for old and new granulates

All industrial granulates from recycling processes contain metals, such as granulate from shredded cables, plastics and rubber tyres. But metals also end up in new granulate from chemical processes through the knives that chop the strands. To safeguard the progress and protect your machinery in your subsequent production phases, you want the best solution for removing the industrial granulates from your product flow. Bakker Magnetics has various magnetic applications that can be used at different places in your process line. Together, we’ll select the configuration that exactly fits your objectives and fine-tune the application to your product flow.

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To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Chute Magnets

Cascade magnets

Plate magnets

Filter magnets

Filterbar magnets

Magbox magnets

Tube magnets

Grid magnets

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