A hydro-application weighing no less than 17 tonnes and with a diameter of no less than 3.1 metres: Bakker Magnetics knew in advance that the order from a customer in hydropower would be no ordinary order.


This customer was looking for a specialist who is able to bond/glue large magnets onto a rotor in a permanent magnet generator. He approached Bakker Magnetics because of our know-how about large magnets and our many years of experience with bonding them. The challenge in the project lay primarily in the size, tonnage and dimensions of the rotor. Many companies are not equipped for a task of this magnitude. Bakker Magnetics, on the other hand, succeeded in providing the customer with the desired solution.

Exceptional projects of this kind require a special approach

These kinds of exceptional projects require a special approach. High-quality work, effectiveness and know-how are essential here. Based on this, we worked with the customer to find a safe, fast and accurate way to carry out the project. For this order, Bakker Magnetics produced no less than 1600 magnets. Then the magnets were bonded and the rotor was ‘bandaged’ with a glass fibre reinforced epoxy coating. In this way, the magnets are protected against corrosion and the rotor can withstand the tough conditions that arise when using hydropower. It also protects the rotor from becoming detached during ‘overspeed’, which can occur during a central power failure.

Are you also looking for a reliable partner with knowledge and expertise on extremely large diameters such as in this example? Then please contact us. Together we will look for a suitable solution.

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