Magnetic cooling with water enables energy efficient cooling without the use of HFC gases. Bakker Magnetics is collaborating with the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens-Lyngby in researching this technique.

FLUX - Magneto-caloric refrigorating - (afkoelen of opwarmen van huishouden) 950 Watt

This innovation – basically a heat pump – could potentially contribute to the goal of a CO2-neutral Europe. In addition to sustainable cooling, this versatile system can also provide space heating and hot water.
Conceivable applications include refrigerators, wine coolers and air conditioners. But this energy-efficient technology also has very interesting implications when it comes to cooling processes on a larger industrial scale.

Bakker Magnetics draws on its expertise to assemble the magnetic part of this pump and the magnetic forces involved, using highly complex Halbach arrays in the process.
A precise and accurate approach is key. This is one of the most complex systems that Bakker Magnetics has ever built; one of our employees spent six months assembling the magnetic component of this innovation.
The project makes use of a so-called magnetocaloric heat pump, in which the magnetocaloric properties of certain metals are crucial. These properties operate in a limited critical temperature range. The university now faces the challenge of coming up with a new alloy with a wider critical temperature range.

Bakker Magnetics’ collaboration with the university stems from a long-standing relationship based on our years of experience and knowledge of magnetism, materials, adhesive properties, coatings and the dangers involved in working with magnetism.
Bakker Magnetics also cooperates with other universities in the field of applied magnetism. In addition to the University of Denmark, we also work with the University of Salerno, the University of Ljubljana and the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

Download the research paper from the University of Denmark below.

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