The latest innovation in the permanent magnet machine industry. These thin single magnets, bonded using advanced adhesive technology, offer exceptional advantages that will transform your magnetic systems. 

Magnet Stack

Here are the USPs that set our Magnet Stacks apart

1. Unmatched Energy Efficiency:
Our Magnet Stacks are designed to maximize energy efficiency, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing power loss. By reducing eddy current losses, these stacks significantly improve the overall efficiency of your systems, translating into substantial cost savings and eco-friendly operations.

2. Tailored Design Flexibility:
With Magnet Stacks, you gain unparalleled design flexibility. Our solution allows for custom magnet arrangements to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s space-constrained applications or demanding performance targets, our experts can design Magnet Stacks that perfectly align with your needs.

3. Superior Performance in Challenging Environments:
Our High-Performance Magnet Stacks are engineered to excel in even the harshest conditions. With their high-temperature resilience, NdFeB Magnet Stacks perform flawlessly at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, our SmCo Magnet Stacks exhibit exceptional heat endurance, surpassing 200 degrees Celsius with ease.

4. Ultra-Thin Insulating Layers:
At Bakker Magnetics, we understand the critical importance of insulation in your magnetic systems. That’s why our Magnet Stacks boast the thinnest available insulating layers, with a minimum of 0.1mm. This ensures precise and reliable performance, eliminating the risk of electrical shorts or interferences.

5. Robust Magnet Segments:
Our Magnet Stacks feature magnet segments that are over 2 millimeters thick, providing enhanced magnetic strength and stability. This robust design allows for consistent and reliable performance, even under demanding applications, ensuring long-term durability and optimal results.

Solid Magnet Stack

Segmented Magnet Stack

Visualisation of eddy currents in Solid Magnet Stack

Visualisation of eddy currents in segmented Magnet Stack

Ready to unlock the true potential of High-Performance Magnet Stacks and adhesive technology? Contact us today to learn more about how our Magnet Stacks can revolutionize your permanent magnet machines. Our dedicated team of experts is eager to discuss the details and help you to drive your business forward.

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