Permanent Magnetic Brakes,
magical eddy current technology

Permanent magnetic brakes (PBM) are an engineering marvel that uses the properties of permanent magnets to generate reliable and consistent braking force. With its expertise and innovative approach, Bakker Magnetics plays an important role in assembly development for the benefit of this technology.

Operating principle

The operation of permanent magnet brakes is based on magnetic induction and eddy current generation. Permanent magnets are placed near a conducting disc or drum. During rotation of this disk or drum, the magnetic field lines of the magnets are crossed, generating eddy currents in the conductive material. These eddy currents create an opposing magnetic field, resulting in a braking force. The unique design ensures that this braking force increases proportionally with rotational speed, contributing to safe and effective braking.

The operation is well illustrated in this video:

Design Features

Bakker Magnetics uses high-quality materials and advanced techniques to design the most efficient permanent magnet assemblies for magnetic brakes, among other applications. The key components are the permanent magnets, the conductive disc or drum and the mechanical housing. Engineers often choose neodymium (NdFeB) magnets because of their strong and stable magnetic fields. Aluminum or copper is usually used for the conductive disk or drum because these materials have excellent conductive properties and are non-magnetic. The mechanical housing is designed for maximum stability and durability, with special attention to thermal dissipation to prevent overheating.

Always customer-specific solutions

At Bakker Magnetics, these types of assembly solutions are always customer specific. This means that the designs and components are adapted to the customer’s specific requirements and wishes, ultimately resulting in a customized and optimally performing braking solution. This customization ensures that each solution perfectly matches the unique conditions and needs of the application, further increasing the effectiveness and reliability of the braking systems.

Many application possibilities

Bakker Magnetics’ expertise is reflected in a wide range of permanent magnetic brake applications. In elevator and lifting systems, these brakes provide safe and reliable braking of moving cabs. In conveyors, they help maintain a constant speed and control stoppages. Railroad vehicles benefit from permanent magnetic brakes as emergency brakes and as supplementary braking systems to regular brakes. Wind turbines use these brakes for emergency stops and during maintenance procedures. In addition, they are used in test equipment, such as dynamometers, to accurately measure the performance of engines and other rotating machinery.

Permanent magnetic brakes are also used in amusement parks, where they ensure safe and reliable operation of roller coasters and other attractions. In industrial robotic systems, they help stop and position robotic arms accurately. In addition, they are used in electric vehicles as regenerative braking systems, which not only provide effective braking but also recover and store energy in the battery.

Benefits of PMB

The advantages of permanent magnetic brakes are numerous. These brakes are maintenance-free because there is no contact between moving parts, resulting in less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs. Braking force is consistent and predictable, adding to the safety and reliability of the system. Quiet operation is a significant advantage in applications where noise reduction is critical. Another significant advantage is energy efficiency. Because permanent magnet brakes do not require an external energy source to operate, they are highly energy efficient. This contributes not only to lower operating costs, but also to a reduced carbon footprint, making them an environmentally friendly choice for many applications.

Permanent magnetic brakes represent an advanced and effective solution for a wide range of applications. Utilizing the properties of permanent magnets and eddy currents, they offer maintenance-free, reliable and quiet operation. Their many advantages make them an attractive choice for many industrial and commercial applications.

For each specific customer request regarding magnetic brakes, engineers at Bakker Magnetics design and realize, in co-creation with you, the customer, a customized assembly solution, which will result in high reliability and long life of the final end product.

The possibilities are limitless. Do you have products or processes where braking power is required?  Together with you, our specialists will create a working solution for it.

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