The maritime industry is in an era of rapid technological development and environmental awareness. One of the major shifts in this sector is the increasing adoption of magnetic propulsion systems. At Bakker Magnetics, we are proud of our role as an assembly manufacturer in this innovative technology. More and more vessels are opting for magnetic propulsion with a specific focus on the role of Permanent Magnet (PM) technology in Azipods and Thrusters.

Efficiency and energy savings

One of the most compelling reasons why vessels are switching to magnetic drives is the significant improvement in energy efficiency. Magnetic motors, especially those with permanent magnets (PM), offer higher efficiency than traditional induction motors. PM motors have higher energy density and lower energy loss, meaning less fuel is required to produce the same amount of energy. This results in lower operating costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Marine thrusters azipods Rotor aandrijving - Scheepsaandrijving motor - Tussen de motor en de schroef

Compactness and weight reduction

In the marine sector, space is scarce, and weight reduction is crucial. PM motors are typically more compact and lighter than their conventional counterparts. The high energy density of permanent magnets makes it possible to design high-performance motors that take up less space and weigh less. This offers designers greater flexibility in integrating these systems into ships, leading to optimization of space and weight savings. These benefits contribute to improved fuel efficiency and increased cargo capacity.

Reliability and ease of maintenance

Magnetic propulsion systems have fewer moving parts than traditional mechanical systems. This results in less wear and tear and a lower risk of mechanical failure. PM motors are also more resistant to extreme environmental conditions, which extends their service life and increases reliability. At Bakker Magnetics, we design our systems with an emphasis on durability and reliability, resulting in longer life and lower maintenance costs for vessel owners.

Environmental friendliness

The maritime industry is under increasing pressure to reduce its environmental footprint. PM technology plays a crucial role in achieving environmental goals. Due to their higher efficiency and lower emissions, PM engines contribute to cleaner oceans and a reduction in the impact on the marine environment. Bakker Magnetics is actively involved in developing customer-specific assembly technologies that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Silence and comfort

An additional benefit of magnetic drive systems, especially PM motors, is quiet operation. This is important not only for passenger and crew comfort but also for reducing noise pollution in marine environments. Silence is essential in applications such as passenger ships and research vessels, where a quiet environment is often required.

Thrusters ship. Officer on bridge of vessel

Azipods and thrusters

Azipods and thrusters are important propulsion systems that benefit tremendously from PM technology. Azipods are rotary propulsion systems used for both propulsion and maneuvering. They offer 360 degrees of rotation, providing unparalleled maneuverability and precision. The use of PM motors in azipods makes these systems more compact, efficient, and reliable. Thrusters, which are used to maneuver ships in tight spaces and when docking, also benefit from the high torque output and efficiency of PM motors. This results in improved control and responsiveness, which is critical to the safety and efficiency of ship operations.

Innovation at Bakker Magnetics

Bakker Magnetics leads the way in the development and implementation of customer-specific PM assembly technology for magnetic propulsion systems, including azipods and thrusters. Our expertise in magnetic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques enables us to offer customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of the maritime sector. From hybrid propulsion systems to power generation solutions, our technologies are designed to improve ship performance and sustainability.

Case studies and success stories

Some of our recent projects illustrate the benefits of PM technology in magnetic propulsion. For example, we have developed hybrid propulsion systems that have significantly improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. In addition, we have developed and manufactured PM assemblies for wave and tidal energy generators, contributing to sustainable energy solutions for marine applications. Our customized solutions for auxiliary systems such as winches and thrusters have also improved the performance and reliability of these systems in demanding conditions.

Strong in large marine projects

Bakker Magnetics can handle the largest assignments in the shipping industry. For example, developing and producing large numbers of magnetic modules for huge rotors in Azipods under a cruise ship. Powerful magnets were positioned and enclosed in each module. The magnets were produced in-house and, because of the immense forces, were assembled in a special production line. This is clear proof that you have also come to the right place for large marine projects.

Challenge us with your design

Our specialty is to get the maximum power and service life out of your engine with PM technology. Together with you, we choose the right magnet configuration, the best processing method and the most advanced techniques to protect the magnets from corrosion. Even complex magnet geometries are possible.
Thus, together we develop and produce the magnet solution that works best for you. You can also come to Bakker Magnetics for loose magnets. Through our joint venture with one of China’s largest magnet producers, we have full control over production and delivery.

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