Client Case

Greater power through more accurate measuring


A motor manufacturer is looking for magnets that are very precisely specified in terms of strength. The magnets must also have a high resistance to demagnetisation and be less sensitive to the eddy current effect in the motor.


The motor must have a very high and accurate power output. It must be able to change from +3,000 rpm (clockwise rotation) to -3,000 rpm (counterclockwise rotation) in 0.1 seconds.


The customer asks us to measure all the magnets for their magnetic moment and to make selections of magnets that fall within a defined area. This enables the customer to place them on the rotor at pre-selected locations. In addition, the customer requests that the magnet be built up from small segments that are isolated from each other so that the eddy current effect is minimised.



Bakker Magnetics develops a measuring system that measures each magnet, gives it a unique number and packages it per group. The customer receives an overview of all groups and can place the magnets as desired. In addition, Bakker Magnetics develops a system which allows the segments to be bonded in isolation.


Due to the high yield and high resistance to demagnetisation, the customer has been able to occupy a special position in the world of motor construction for test installations.

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