Electric Drive

Perfect segments, stacks and assemblies

More and more power with less and less mass. Push your limits each and every day. To support you with this, we produce and deliver magnetic segments and magnetic stacks that can meet the high requirements of your electric drive application.

You are not bound by standard grades and dimensions, because our joint venture with one of China’s largest magnet manufacturers allows us to control production and allow for any technically feasible shape, flux or heat gradation. Working together with Bakker Magnetics means that you will be completely free of any concerns regarding supply chain management. For you, this means: constant quality and reliable forecasting, resulting in maximum availability. In Bakker Magnetics, you have an accessible and transparent global supplier. If you need technical support, we can be your flexible co-engineer for optimising your magnetic assemblies using our in-depth magnetic knowledge and experience with electric drive.

50 years of experience

A winning product is made together

An optimal magnet assembly is crucial, because it ensures that your end product performs at its maximum. We have the knowledge and experience in diverse markets to optimize and produce the magnet assembly for you. We are also accessible and flexible, for rapid prototyping and time-to-market. That’s how we like to work. In co-creation. Developing a winning product with joint knowledge and energy. That’s smart magnetic engineering.

Bakker Magnetics. Delivering magnetic expertise.