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Magnetic technology and assemblies for professionals.

Smart magnetic engineering

The world is in flux. More and more often, it’s your electric motors and generators that drive and utilise the movement. To make your products even better, you need the best partners. With an in-depth knowledge of Permanent Magnets, in-house production and engineering and a flexible attitude, Bakker Magnetics offers everything you need to be your ideal co-creator in the field of Permanent Magnets (PM) technology.

‘Together realize your idea or design with Permanent Magnets’

A winning product is created together

Your product performs better thanks to optimum magnet technology. By combining your product and market knowledge with our many years of experience in PM technology, together we will create and produce a magnetic solution that provides the best performance for your product. That’s how we like to work. Developing a winning product with collective knowledge and energy. That’s smart magnetic engineering.

Our own production and supply chain

Using Bakker Magnetics as your PM partner, you won’t have to deal with the production and delivery of magnets and assemblies. Our joint venture with one of China’s largest magnet factories allows us to control product quality and take care of the entire supply chain for you.

Renewable Energy and Permanent Magnets

To increase the yield of your wind turbines or hydropower generators, you need a partner with proven knowledge and experience in Permanent Magnets (PM) technology. Together with your specialists, Bakker Magnetics develops and produces the most efficient magnet solutions for the world’s largest wind turbine and smaller renewable energy projects.






Permanent magnets are the sustainable heart of electrification in all transport segments. The better the magnet assembly, the higher the power. Bakker Magnetics is your system partner for getting the highest yield from your PM drives and applications. We can fully support you as a global supplier, producer and co-engineer.

Electric Drive



Product Processing

Permanent magnets are used at various places in products and production processes. Holding and releasing objects, contactless magnetic couplings, processes and products in which you need a high flux in a specific place. The possibilities are endless. Do you have a magnetic idea? We’d be delighted to discuss it with you.



Eddy current solutions

Flux Density



Movements in process automation and robotisation must be able to be carried out very accurately at high speeds. This places high demands on the PM assemblies in electric motors and the configuration of magnets for positioning. Bakker Magnetics has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-tech PM solutions. From warehouse transport systems to chip machines.

Electric motors

Measurement technology

Process automation


PM electric motors in vessels are quiet, clean and deliver high torque at low speed. To ensure that your PM motor delivers the highest power, we will work with you to develop and produce the most efficient magnet solution. In addition, you can rely on our experience with bonding techniques and corrosion protection to ensure your PM motor will last for years in the toughest conditions.




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