ALNiCO Magnets

Alnico magnets are manufactured by undergoing a metallurgic pressing-sintering process or casting process. The raw materials used for Alnico magnets are mixed prior to being heated In preparation for the casting process. Apart from iron, the alloy used for Alnico 500-material contains 24% cobalt, 14% nickel, 8% aluminium, 3% copper and 0.45% niobium. After the exact dosage of each component. a liquefier is added.

The addition of this liquefier ensures better control of the sintering process. The liquefier is removed before the sintering process by warming the material in an oven at a low temperature. To press the material, different techniques are implemented depending on the final form required. Throughout this process the form and dimensions are closely controlled.

Finally the sintering process takes place through the gradual dosage of high temperatures. At this stage, control of the exact sinter temperatures is of the utmost importance tor the subsequent magnetic properties. The ultimate magnetic material obtained can be made into a finished product using special machines, which comply with extremely strict tolerances. Mechanically speaking the material of the finished product is relatively hard and can only be worked with the use of special machines. As a result of the low temperature coefficients, the magnetic properties of Alnico magnets are to a large extent, not temperature-dependent*. Therefore they can be subjected to environmental temperatures up to 500°C without appreciable loss of magnetic force. In choosing this material tor specific applications, this last quality is usually the most important factor.

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