Electric motors

Extensive knowledge and experience in robotisation

Robots with elbows, hands and fingers. Fully automatic conveyor belts and AGVs. Multi-dimensional movements in machines.

Everything is driven by the PM electric motors you produce: linear, planar, servo, steps. Do you want to make your motors even more direct and precise? Based on our many years of experience in the high-tech market and the knowledge we have gained about magnetic applications, we’d be pleased to help answer your specific question. Together, we can make the difference in development of electric motors.

50 years of experience

A winning product is made together

An optimal magnet assembly is crucial, because it ensures that your end product performs at its maximum. We have the knowledge and experience in diverse markets to optimize and produce the magnet assembly for you. We are also accessible and flexible, for rapid prototyping and time-to-market. That’s how we like to work. In co-creation. Developing a winning product with joint knowledge and energy. That’s smart magnetic engineering.

Bakker Magnetics. Delivering magnetic expertise.