Client Case

More powerful motor through reduction of eddy currents at high operating temperature


A well-known motor manufacturer is looking for a magnetic solution for a number of specific applications that can contribute to the reduction of eddy currents. High temperatures play a major role in the application, so a conventional block magnet is no longer an option.


The customer cannot change the shape of the current block magnet for constructional and cost reasons. The new magnet solution must provide a higher performance at high temperatures and possess the same mechanical properties as the conventional block magnet.


The customer asked Bakker Magnetics to devise a magnetic stack that is magnetically and mechanically suitable for the application and can sufficiently reduce the eddy currents. Naturally, this magnetic stack may not differ significantly in price from the block magnet already in use.



A production process for this specific magnetic stack was developed in collaboration with Bakker Magnetics’ partner in China. In this process, it must be possible to take into account all the adhesive, mechanical and technical magnetic requirements. Intensive supervision by our mechanical and quality engineers is extremely important in this process.


Bakker Magnetics has developed a specific magnetic stack for high temperature applications. In addition, an efficient production process was developed with Bakker’s partner in China under our close supervision. This resulted in a more powerful motor that works more efficiently because it can cope better with higher temperatures. This allows the customer to differentiate itself from its competitors in the market from a technical point of view.

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