Client Case

Safer work on the tracks


An  international Dutch company that supplies magnetic fencing used in track maintenance is looking for a way to create a safer situation for maintenance workers.


Every year, a number of maintenance workers are involved in fatal accidents while working on the tracks. This is due to a lack of proper safety provisions between two tracks to prevent them from being hit by passing trains.


A company that usually makes fall protection systems for pitched roofs is asked if it can come up with a system as an alternative to posts with red and white ribbon. The company wants to develop a fence that can be easily installed and dismantled. To achieve this, it is thinking of a magnetic solution and so approaches Bakker Magnetics.



The magnitude of the forces involved was determined using magnetic calculations and simulations. Based on this, Bakker Magnetics develops a suitable magnetic system.


Bakker Magnetics has developed a magnetic system which is sufficiently strong (800kg tensile force) and which can be easily installed and dismantled. The system also complies with the most stringent requirements set by the TÜV. Furthermore, as preferred supplier, Bakker Magnetics has set up and manages the entire supply chain. As a result, the customer is assured that the system will always be delivered on time.

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