Building and interior solutions
adapted to your needs

Whether you need magnetic film, magnetic strips or pot magnets, Bakker Magnetics provides magnetic products for building and interior solutions with exactly the tensile strength required for your application.

We offer magnetic sheets, magnetic strips, magnetic office supplies, ceiling magnets, pot magnets, POS magnets, Baxx lifting magnets, magnetic tools, logistic products, magnetic labels, magnetic windows and more products.

A magnetizing effect on interiors. The magnetic possibilities in retail are as versatile as they are in offices and building interiors. Take a look at our magnetic wall features with photo and product frames or get inspired by our customize profiles. We also offer custom specific magnetic products for Visual communication & POS activities.

For building and interior solutions we have a suitable solution for you:

Retail solutions

Office solutions

Warehouse solutions

Workshop solutions

Bakker Magnetics. Delivering magnetic expertise.