Ingenious simplicity in aquarium cleaning

Mag-Float: no more algae and no wet hands

The Mag-Float is one of the specific magnetic products of our magnetic solution for the easy cleaning of your aquarium. Attach the Mag-Float to the aquarium wall and remove algae from glass and acrylic surfaces without getting your hands wet.

Because when you remove the outer magnet, the inner magnet rises to the surface of the water and you can take the magnet out of the water. This is much more hygienic for fish and corals, and the chance of damaging organisms and decorations is much smaller.

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Innovative magnetic wall system

Mag-Match: ultimate flexibility in office and shop design

Mag-Match ensures that you can arrange walls with one hundred percent flexibility. An ideal solution for scrum meetings in the office or in-store promotions. You can expand the system as needed, it is easy to hang up and it fits on any wall. 

Mag-Match consists of panels and an assembly set consisting of profiles, which can easily be fitted with ferrous poster material. Divers specific magnetic products which ensures beautiful, sleek photos that fit seamlessly together. Mag-Match is not only practical, but also looks great. A Mag-Match system always sits flat and evenly on the wall and thus ensures a uniform appearance. And you can click visuals and other objects onto it in a jiffy. Mag-Match gives you total freedom to arrange the wall as you wish: quickly, cost-efficiently and durably.

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