Easy to handle lifting capacity with BAXX Lifting Magnets

BAXX Lifting Magnets. Permanent lifting magnets operate without additional energy being supplied and are therefore very energy friendly. In addition, power failures do not influence their operation so they can be used safely anywhere. For loads with a greater weight, multiple lifting magnets can be used. For spherical and round materials, there are BM lifting magnets available with prism-shaped pole surfaces.

At the heart of the BAXX lifting system lies advanced magnetic technology, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled performance. Utilizing high-grade neodymium magnets, the system boasts exceptional lifting force while maintaining compact dimensions. This ensures optimal efficiency and maneuverability, even in confined spaces.

Technical specifications

The BAXX lifting system represents a breakthrough shift in material handling technology, combining pioneering innovation with unparalleled safety and efficiency. Using advanced magnetic technology and intelligent control mechanisms, Bakker Magnetics has created a versatile and reliable solution that meets the changing needs of modern industrial environments. Experience the future of material handling with the BAXX lifting system and take your operations to new heights of safety and efficiency.

The operation is extremely simple: place the lifting magnet on the material to be lifted and turn the handle. BM permanent lifting magnets are almost maintenance free.

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