Endless possibilities with Magnetic Strips

Flexible magnetic strips are a versatile organizational tool revolutionizing industries. With their adaptability to various surfaces and ease of installation, they offer a simple yet effective solution for organizing spaces and creating dynamic displays. Experience the convenience and creativity of flexible magnetic strips in transforming your workspace today.

Our flexible magnetic strips, available in flat strips and custom extrusions, are used in many applications. They can be produced with a variety of magnetisation patterns and laminated with the pressure sensitive adhesives that are available.

Technical specifications

In the unlikely case that our extensive range of standard adhesives does not meet expectations or calls for specific requirements, Bakker Magnetics can provide a custom adhesive.

Magnetic strips are versatile tools utilized in various applications, from signage to organization. Understanding their technical specifications is key to leveraging their potential effectively:

  • Magnetic Strength: Magnetic strips come in different strengths, measured in Gauss or Tesla. The strength determines their holding power and suitability for specific applications.
  • Width and Thickness: Magnetic strips vary in width and thickness, influencing their flexibility and magnetic strength. Choosing the right dimensions ensures compatibility with intended surfaces and desired holding capacity.
  • Adhesive Backing: Many magnetic strips feature adhesive backing for easy installation. Understanding the adhesive’s strength and durability is crucial for ensuring long-lasting adhesion in different environments.
  • Temperature Resistance: Magnetic strips may have temperature limitations, affecting their performance in extreme conditions. It’s essential to consider the temperature range in which the strips will be used to prevent degradation or loss of magnetic strength.
  • Flexibility: Flexible magnetic strips offer versatility, conforming to curved or irregular surfaces. Assessing the strip’s flexibility ensures it can adapt to the desired application without compromising magnetic strength.
  • Durability and Coating: Coatings like PVC or rubber protect magnetic strips from abrasion and corrosion, enhancing their longevity. Choosing a durable coating ensures the strips remain effective in various environments.

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