Full service supplier with magnet knowledge for logistics, office and retail

There are several suppliers worldwide of magnetic materials and systems for warehouses, offices and stores. But there are few with real knowledge of magnet technology. Bakker Magnetics in Science Park Eindhoven is such a full service supplier. Fast, reliable, large stock, perfect service. Of course. But also a partner that has the magnetic knowledge to customize existing products for the customer. Or even to develop whole new products together.

“We have almost everything in stock. This allows us to deliver at lightning speed, including customer-specific items”

Hans BergmansProduct Group Manager

As a full service supplier, the warehouses of Bakker Magnetics in Son are always full. Large rolls of flexible magnetic film and magnetic strips in all shapes. Magnetic products for logistics, labeling, magnetic office supplies, magnetic wall systems, magnetic products for store fitting and POS. And much more. This is one of our strengths: we have almost everything in stock. This allows us to deliver at lightning speed, including customer-specific items.’ This is what Hans Bergmans says. He is product group manager of Bakkers division FMP (Flexible Magnetic Materials & Magnetic Products). For larger European customers we even take care of the entire logistics process. So the customer needs almost no stock, and the product is always good and on time.’

"We work with customers to help them produce more cost-effectively"

Bakker Magnetics FMP’s customers are mainly project designers, store fitters, interior designers and trade companies for retail, offices and the logistics sector. Bakker also supplies many printing companies, which print the magnetic foil or the ferrous vinyl. ‘We have deliberately chosen not to want to do the printing in-house,’ says Hans. Specialized printing companies are much better at this. But we do work together with them a lot, so that we can offer our customers the complete package if they want it, including printing.’ Bakker does not want to be a printing company, but emphatically presents itself as a magnet company and full service supplier. This is our real specialism. Through our joint venture in China we have optimal insight into the production of our articles. And here in the Netherlands we have engineers with extensive knowledge of magnet technology. Of course we are partly a trading company. But what sets us apart from our competitors is our magnetic knowledge. With this, we offer customers real added value.’

Large volumes
That magnetic knowledge as a full service supplier is important in the visual world of stores, offices and warehouses is not immediately obvious. A magnetic strip is a magnetic strip, right? ‘Often it is. But not always,’ says Hans. ‘A magnetic strip on steel does stay in place. But if you want to make magnetic strips stick to other magnetic strips, the polarity of the different strips has to match. This is not so interesting if you only have one shop window to decorate. But it is interesting if you have to equip hundreds of stores in Europe with a flexible magnetic POS system. Another example: nowadays glassboards are popular in offices. But if you want to work with magnets on a 5 mm thick glassboard with a thin metal plate behind it, you have to calculate the magnetization and use the right type of magnet. This is important for manufacturers of those glassboards and accessories. They are going to produce their products in bulk. The same goes for the magnetic attachment of metal plates in climate ceilings, which aesthetically should not sag. Or the flexible magnetic profile in a folding or shower door, which allows the door to be closed with just the right magnetic force. In our markets, it is often about small magnetic issues, which become important due to the large numbers. Then it’s good if you have in-depth knowledge of magnet technology, so that you can calculate and simulate solutions in advance.’

"We use our magnetic specialism to achieve the very best performance for the customer. Through customer-specific customization or true co-creation"

At Bakker Magnetics, the magnetic specialty usually benefits the customer in two ways’, says Hans: Firstly, by making a standard product customer-specific. For example, for a customer we removed the foam layer around the cardboard core of a roll of magnetic film and stuck the film directly onto the core. Small difference, but it fits better with our customer’s cutting process. So from now on this customer has his own article number. But we can also make any foil or strip in a different size or magnetization. Customers also benefit from our magnetic know-how because we develop new products with them. For example, a new display with magnetic posters for a car brand that can be set up many times faster than the old cloth displays. Or special substrates for printing companies. We also work with customers to help them produce more cost-effectively. Like producing very thin fashion posters of ferrous vinyl in one go for an entire year, which adhere to the magnetic substrate in several layers and are then peeled apart. Of course, with our magnetic knowledge, we make sure it all stays in place,’ says Hans.

The latest product from Bakker Magnetics FMP is the Mag-Match: the ultimate flexible magnetic wall system for offices and stores. ‘We have been devising and developing this entirely in-house for the last two years,’ says Hans, who is himself the spiritual father of the Mag-Match. The system consists of profiles that can easily be screwed next to each other against a wall. A panel can be clicked onto each profile by means of a magnetic strip connection. Such a panel can be equipped with a magnetic printed film or a ferrous vinyl film with a writable and dry wipeable white top layer, even with printing under the top layer. Thanks to an ingenious fastening system in the profiles, the panels lie beautifully flat next to each other, creating one even surface. Hans: ‘It’s lightweight, fast, easy for one person to install, can be changed at any time and just looks great. The patented Mag-Match will be launched soon and currently consists of a set for a 2.35 meter high wall and a poster frame of 1 meter high. The Office version has writable panels, ideal for scrum sessions. The Retail version has magnetic panels on which even carrier boards can be attached magnetically and according to your own layout.’

Full service supplier
The Mag-Match illustrates the versatility of the markets in which Bakker Magnetics FMP moves. On the one hand, we are simply a supplier of flexible magnetic materials and products. But then we want to be the best supplier: with good products, large stock, fast delivery, supply chain support and top service. On the other hand, we use our magnetic specialism to achieve the very best performance for the customer. Through customer-specific customization or true co-creation. So we deliver the complete package. Full service with knowledge of magnets. Quite unique in our market.

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