Client Case

Cleaning robots use magnetic technology to clean steel surfaces


A leading and innovative global company offers solutions for the preparation and cleaning of steel surfaces. It does this with applications such as hydro-blasting, sandblasting and more. The robots that the company uses for this purpose attach themselves to steel by means of a magnetic drive unit. They can move independently in all directions: up, down, sideways and even overhead.


The company has become very well established due to the application of these magnetic robots. Through trial and error they have developed a workable magnetic system. A Chinese supplier currently builds these magnetic systems for them. However, the company is not fully satisfied with the quality of the systems and it is unable to contact the supplier with technical questions about new development projects.


The customer asks Bakker Magnetics to participate in the design process of the magnetic systems for new development projects. It also asks Bakker Magnetics to take over production from the current supplier.


Magnetic calculations show that the same result can be achieved with less magnetic material by configuring the magnets differently.


Bakker Magnetics has succeeded in equipping the existing magnetic materials with a greater holding power by means of a new magnet configuration. This saves costs and weight, and offers advantages in terms of the robot’s drive and manoeuvrability. Moreover, we have taken over the Chinese production of this magnetic material. As a result, the customer is assured of a more straightforward purchasing process. In addition, in Bakker Magnetics the customer now has a partner with extensive knowledge of magnets, who can contribute ideas and solutions and who speaks the same language.

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