Client Case

Longer service life for generators in hydropower plants


A global supplier of electromechanical systems and services for hydropower plants is one of the leaders in the world market for hydraulic power generation (generators). A problem has arisen in a 10MW generator. A magnetic module has broken loose, causing the generator to jam. A loss of over 100,000 euros is incurred for every day that the generator is not functioning.


The rotor is no less than 3.1 metres in diameter with 20 poles. It contains 1600 magnets that are bonded in a specific way.


The customer asks Bakker Magnetics to build a new rotor because of its knowledge and experience in bonding magnets to rotors. This will help to avoid the kind of problems the customer is now facing.



Bakker Magnetics develops tooling to handle these types of large rotors in the factory. Bakker Magnetics also develops tooling to be able to bond the magnets to the rotor in a safe, smart and efficient way. The customer wants a proven adhesive, suitable for this application. This is why Bakker Magnetics specifies an adhesive test that reflects the real-world conditions. This involves issues such as temperature cycles and specific adhesive thicknesses.


Bakker Magnetics has ensured, in a relatively inexpensive way, that the continuity of the hydropower plant is better safeguarded. As a result, major financial losses due to breakdowns are avoided. In addition, the solution provided by Bakker Magnetics has ensured that the business process runs considerably more safely.

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