Recycling wood

Powerful solutions for the cleanest wood fraction

When recycling wood, your wood chips are worth more if your buyer doesn’t have to do anything to them. With our solutions, you can remove virtually all the metal from your wood waste. Our Eddy Current separator with a capacity of 25 tons per hour effortlessly separates encapsulated non-ferrous from coarser fractions of 20-80 mm. Our High Intensity Drum Magnet with ultra-powerful BM50 magnets and wear-resistant manganese sheathing resolutely deals with stainless steel. And so we have more solutions to make your wood fraction metal-free. Also good to know: we can supply all machines and applications for recycling wood with ATEX certification for various zonings.

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To obtain the maximum yield, you can use the following products

Eddy Current separator

Overbelt magnets

Drum magnets

Block magnets

Head pulley magnets

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